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Door Access Control systems for apartment doors, condominium doors, office doors and commercial doors.

Doors can be fitted with devices that will control access. This can range from card-swipe access to FOB access, Push-button access, keyed switch access and digital access. Often times doors require modifications and Door Surgeon's mobile installation team can renovate the door to accept the appropriate access controller device. Door Surgeon can provide access control advice so that you get the latest product offering that will give you the most secure access monitoring device.

Visit our parts and service centres or call to have on-site service

Visit one of Door Surgeon's access control parts centres to view displays of product and to discuss options that might best work for you. Door Surgeon's Locksmith and automatic door technicians can help match your entry needs to the right access control products. Door Surgeon's mobile access control installation servicemen can visit your business and provide expert installation of whatever access control system you decide works best for your entry.

Digital Push-button Entry

Keyless entry, a great option for kids and family members that might always have their key. These push-button entry systems can be used to let in service personnel even when you are not home. Keyless entry is a favorite with the elder and disabled as it allows quick access to caregivers. Unican 1000 and 7000 quality and reliability, all metal - all mechanical, no batteries or plastic parts. Keyless entry can be used in homes, warehouses, offices, lunchrooms, washrooms and sales offices. There are specific push-button entry systems for residential applications, keyless entry systems to work with panic bar hardware, push-button entry systems to work with ball-knob style commercial hardware and even narrow style push-button entry to work on storefront doors.

Push-button entry, suitable for home, office and commercial applications.

Door Surgeon has a variety of locksmith grade keyless entry systems that can be installed by one of our expert mobile service door technicians or purchased at one of our service centres in Edmonton or Calgary. These units can be used to allow for fast and easy access. The Dormakaba Unican brand is built to last, requires no batteries, is made of steel to withstand physical attack.

Mul-T-Lock Key Control

Mul-T-Lock Key Control for home, office and commercial use. Keys are distributed by you to authorized users only. Keys cannot be copied by staff, tenants, friends or family without your permission.Key information is recorded for you in a file that is kept in a secure safe at our security centre. Non-pickable and drill resistan. Ask about our easy rekey option (3 in 1 system). Superior Deadbolts that deliver security. Mul-T-Lock special hardened bolt made of saw resistant steel. Steel shroud covers bolt extension to maximize resistance to physical attacks. Free spin, solid rings, made from solid brass for added protection against forced entry. Fitted with an advanced steel ball-bearing mechanism that locks the door to the jamb. Residential and Commercial security software, Mul-T-Lock deadbolts and keys, deadbolt security that really works. Designed for maximum protection.

Security key systems such as Mul-t-lock, Medico and MX-11

Door Surgeon's mobile service technicians can visit your site and consult with you about which security key system will best meet your key control and access control needs. Quality key systems, some of which cannot be picked, bumped or drilled. Only the registered key owner can purchase keys thus controlling the use among staff or tenants.

Switches for Access Control

Push to exit switch for automatic door. Keyed switch for automatic door. Push-button code entry for automatic door operator. Pushbutton to open Handicapped access door. Card-swipe to control access of automatic door. Electric strike Automatic swing door opener. Control box to operate time lock and automatic door. Maglock to restrict access to buildings and doors.

Switches, automatic door openers, control boxes and time-locks

Door Surgeon's mobile access control system installers can match the components that will meet your needs. You can choose from card-swipes, access FOB's, simple push-button entry or old school keyed entry to control things such as front entry doors on businesses, warehouses, apartments, offices, handicap access doors and even garage doors for parkade units with electric strikes, maglocks or timed entry.

Bluetooth Access Controls

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Mobile phone app lets you control a variety of doors in business, office or warehouse applications

Access control technology can be supplied and installed at your office, warehouse or home. Door Surgeon's access control system can be used to interface with a variety of hardware components such as: electric strikes, maglocks and automatic door openers. The IT team at Door Surgeon can meet with you to determine the best product to use. Click on the link above photo to go directly the Bluetooth Access Control details page.The team at Door Surgeon works hand in hand with our sister company at Lock Surgeon

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