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Our friendly Cochrane, knowledgable dispatcher will book your security key & deadbolts access control appointment.

Our friendly Cochrane, knowledgable dispatcher will book your security key & deadbolts access control appointment.

Your professional Cochrane mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Your professional Cochrane mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Professional Cochrane security key & deadbolts access control installations and quality hardware.

Professional Cochrane security key & deadbolts access control installations and quality hardware.

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Security Key & Deadbolts Access Control Cochrane

Door Surgeon's Security Keys & Deadbolts for Residential & Commercial Door Security in Cochrane

The best in security keys and deadbolts, Mul-T-Lock stands above the crowd with it's solid construction and innovative technology. Door Surgeon's mobile security installation locksmith team can visit your site to determine the right non-duplicatable security key and deadbolt system to use on your home, office, or business. Or visit one of Door Surgeon's sales and service centres to view displays on this key management security key product. Door Surgeon Security Key & Deadbolts Access Control Cochrane

new lock installations of superior key control and access control provided by professional certified locksmith for home or business Cochrane

Mul-T-Lock Non-duplicatable Key Control in Cochrane

Cochrane Security Deadbolt Features Locksmith grade quality

Superior deadbolt for home or business non-pickable non-drillable rated grade 1 likely best deadbolt in the world Cochrane. Unique deadbolt has an interior removeable t-turn, this unit can be used to restrict the oportunity of somoene breaking a window and reaching through to open the t-turn. MT5 keys are only available at Door Surgeon, this protects your restricted key system, variety of cylinders to retrofit into your current hardware or deadbolt Cochrane.

Supplied & Installed Security Key & locking security hardware Cochrane

Door Surgeon's mobile security key and deadbolt serviceman can visit your home, apartment, business or warehouse to supply and install this superior grade key control security hardware.

Cochrane High Security Key Features

Mul-T-Lock security key shows security dimples Cochrane.

Free 3-in-1 Rekey Option Cochrane

Keys are strictly controlled file is maintained at Door Surgeon's sales and service centre, signing authority is checked. Identification is required to order or purchase keys Cochrane.

Mobile Security Key & Deadbolts Access Control Cochrane

Door Surgeon's mobile security key & deadbolts access control serviceman can come to your home, office, business, facility, condominium complex, townhouse or apartment complex and provide the right key system to meet the needs of the traffic flow you have going through your doors and the key security requirements for your complex.

In-store mobile security key & deadbolts access control sales and service

Door Surgeon has a number of sales and service centres that you can visit to view product displays and sample the operations of handles, deadbolts and security key systems. Our in-store locksmith will be happy to review your individual concerns and help to find the appropriate key control or door control products that will meet your individual location key control and door access control needs.

Door Surgeon Mobile Security Key & Deadbolt Door Access Control Serving Cochrane

Mobile Security Key and Deadbolt Access Control for Doors
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Security Key & Hardware - 3 min

Security Key System


Mul-T-Lock and the Mul-T-Lock key system is our feature security key hardware system. It's a grade 1 product that has a very unique key, I'm hoping to get a close up, you can see it has dimples in it. This key is non-duplicatable and unavailable at any other locksmith except here where it is registered with our company and kept in a secure file. So if you want a key you have to have a security clearance letter or be part of the file to get that key made. So that protects you from duplicates being made from people that shouldn't have one, maybe you gave one to a service technician, dog walker, or someone who is looking after your home, that key cannot be duplicated by someone without the authority.

Also the unit itself has a keyway that is non-pickable, non-drillable your not getting into this unit no way no how, you have to have the authority to get in. This is the actual Mul-T-Lock deadbolt system that is mated with that keyway system. You can see it has a spin collar that is solid steel, a solid steel core, a solid pick-shield which stops a pick from getting into the door and opening up that deadbolt. Very heavy duty interior T-turn, the tube itself is hardened steel and the bolt is hardened steel, and a very unique feature here is that it has a ballbearing in the front of it that is going to interlink with your door frame and stop it from spreading apart, I don't know if you can see that but hopefully you can. There is also one inside the tube itself, let me see if I can get that to work and there you go you can see that little cutaway shows you the ballbearing inside that tube and that's going to interlink with the faceplate of the door and keep it from spreadking out.

Another great feature of this deadbolt is that on the interior it has a T-turn that can be removed, now why would you want to do that? Well, perhaps you have a window that is close to the door and somebody might break that window and reach in and turn that deadbolt easily and they'll get in and out of your house. But here we can turn the key, remove the T-turn and put it away someplace safe and get at it later. This will keep the grandkids from taking it out and removing it when you didn't know or maybe someone without a key or authorization will get at that and when it's time to put it back in you just stick it back in put in the key turn the key and then just remove that key and that T-turn is now back in place for safety sake. You can have it in while you're home but you can take it out when you go on vacation of if you have issues that you are concerned about with safety.

So grade 1 deadbolt, high security or at least security, we call it high security but don't let that scare you, these are commonly used on residences around the city we put these in all over the place as well as commercial businesses. As you can see we can match that deadbolt up with a variety of handles and styles to meet your needs.

4 Min Push Button Entries - 4 min

Push Button Entry Systems


We're going to take a minute to show you a number of digital entry systems that we sell, they are top of the line, heavy duty units that are not going to break down on you. This one has a ball-knob on the inside to get out and the outside has a keypad. It's setup to press 2 and 4 at one time and the number 3 and we'll give it a turn clockwise and it's that easy. When we want to get out of the building you just turn the knob, nice and easy. I'll use that on garages, offices and bedrooms, that sort of thing. This unit here is the unit I have on my home, it's the deadbolt system, it's setup as one, two, three and four then turn clockwise to retract the bolt, that easy.

On the inside we've got deadbolt thumb-turn like you'd find on a regular deadbolt. The technician can show you easily how to adjust the code, they're not too difficult to do, like I've said I have this one on my home and these two units are virtually bulletproof. They're all metal, no plastic parts, no batteries all mechanical I've had mine for twenty years, twenty years and five kids and it's still working.

This unit here has a special feature, it has a key override on it. So what's going to happen is we can press a code, first of all I'll do that to retract the deadbolt. We can throw that bolt back out with the key or we could just press lock. The key override is really a great feature because we can put this in areas like an office or somewhere that requires maintenance, or you have a rental unit or complex and what might happen is that someone might change the code but you still have the key override. So you could have a number of these with a code and you could have a maintenance person or cleaning personnel that have a key override for the units. They come in a variety of colours, we've got what we call venetian bronze or brass or the chrome.

Now this particular unit allows for a few more options, so it's a little more fancy. Press one, two, three, four and it will retract the bolt and we can put the bolt back in with the touch of a button as well. Inside we have this unit here, this particular model can be hooked up to wifi, and so it's a particular investment, all of these units are an investment but this one, and the talk about home automation these days, is going to cost a little more but we can make it happen.

These units are built for convenience. You can walk the dog, the kids can come home late and can get in or a maintenance man show up and you can give him a code over the phone. They're great, really quite reliable, sometimes people have them for caregivers to get into your home, its a matter of giving someone a code and they press it and get in, then you can change it if you want to change that out.


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