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Door Surgeon Garage Door Repair Parts, Springs & Hinges Leduc

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Door Surgeon garage door repair parts, springs and hinges sales and parts counter in Leduc. Stocks garage door replacement springs, garage door hinges, garage door rollers, garage door photo-eyes, garage door remotes. As well as, garage door weatherstrip, garage door replacement motors and garage door cables. Visit Door Surgeon's garage door parts and service store for all your garage door parts needs.

As there are several different garage door styles and manufacturers there are a number of different garage door parts required to match your existing garage door repair parts needs. Each garage door has been designed to use very specific garage door hinges, rollers, cables, drums, springs, track, panels and weatherstrip. Door Surgeon's garage door parts centre serviceman will help you find the correct garage door part to match your current garage door repair needs and even help with some garage door part installation instruction. It's wise and easy to bring us photos of your current garage door, broken garage door part or bring in the actual broken garage door part. We can match your garage door part accurately to a garage door part that will correctly and safely work with your current Leduc garage door.

You can view a large variety of the garage door parts available on this page and call to discuss your needs with one of our shop garage door parts service counter technicians. It is possible to communicate with the garage door parts service counter technicians by texting pictures using that technician's Direct phone number. This will help confirm the part that you may require and confirm that you are being sent the correct garage door part to meet your needs.

While all Leduc garage doors seem to look the same, your garage door may be a wood garage door, hollow metal or insulated steel garage door, it may be that your brand of garage door is made by one of these manufacturers. Barcol Steel Craft garage door parts, Creative Door garage door parts - Wayne Dalton garage door parts. Garaga garage door parts, Overhead Door garage door parts, Northwest Door garage door parts, Haas Door garage door parts. Clopay Garage Doors garage door parts, Amar Garage Doors garage door parts. Equal Garage Doors garage door parts, Door Masters-Sunshine Door garage door parts, and Richard Wilcox garage door parts.

Door Surgeon garage door repair parts springs hinges Leduc.

Visit Door Surgeon's sales & service centre parts counter for garage door parts

Visit Door Surgeon's garage door parts sales and service centre to view and purchase garage door parts. Call Door Surgeon's Leduc mobile garage door parts repairman to come to your home. We can repair, fix or replace your broken garage door spring, hinges, rollers, drums, cables, remotes, photo eyes, weatherstrip and garage door panels.

Visit Door Surgeon sales and service centre parts counter for garage door parts Leduc.
Leduc Broken garage overhead door spring illustration.
Door Surgeon carries many springs hinges, cables and other parts for garage door brands in Leduc.

Leduc Residential Garage Door Hinges & Rollers

Door Surgeon has a large variety of residential garage door hinges to meet your garage door part needs.

Leduc residential garage door hinges and rollers.

- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #1 - H14G01.
- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #2 - H14G02.
- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #3 - H14G03.
- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #4 - H14G04.
- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #5 - H14G05.
- Residential - 14 Gauge Hinge #6 - H14G06.
- Residential - Thermacraft Centre Hinge - TD134CTR.
- Residential - CNB Centre Hinge - 62770.
- Residential - Thermacraft Hinge - 17Gauge #1 - HNGR-TH-17GA-1.
- Residential - Thermacraft Hinge - 17Gauge #2 - HNGR-TH-17GA-2.
- Residential - Thermacraft Hinge - 17Gauge #3 - HNGR-TH-17GA-3.
- Residential - Thermacraft Hinge - 17Gauge #4 - HNGR-TH-17GA-4.
- Residential - Top Fixture - BK000B.
- Residential - Bottom fixture - BK150-PR.
- Residential - 2” Garage Door Roller - Black Rubber - RN0024.
- Residential - White Nylon Bearing - Roller, Short Stem - Bag of 10 - RN1124-2.
- Residential - 2” Steel bearing - Roller, Short Stem - Bag of 10 - RS1024A *Also 2” Roller Long Stem.
- Residential - 2” White Nylon - Bearing Roller - Long Stem - RN1127.

Residential Garage Door Parts: Cables, Drums & Springs Leduc

Garage door parts are specific to their application ensure you take the time to identify the specific garage door part needed.

Residential garage door parts cables, drums and springs Leduc.

Door Surgeon stocks common home, residential garage door parts.

This includes a variety of replacements for residential garage doors such as: Barcol Steel Craft, Creative Door. Wayne Dalton, Garaga, Overhead Door, Northwest Door, Haas Door. Clopay Garage Doors, Amar Garage Doors, Equal Garage Doors, Door Masters-Sunshine Door, and Richard Wilcox. Garage door parts that include: jamb brackets, slide locks, t-handle cable lock systems, lift handles, step plates. As well as Standard lift cable drums for 8 foot and 12 foot garage doors. Premade cable assemblies for 8’6” doors and 9’6” doors & cable snubbers. Press-fit bearings, end bearing plate with bearing, spring plates, thermocraft operator plates. Operator reinforced brackets, residential operator reinforced adjustable bracket, residential garage door springs for left and right hand in various lengths and thicknesses to meet your garage door needs.

- Residential - Jamb Bracket 5/16” - Bore - J-05 No5 12Gauge - BK305.
- Residential - Garage Slide Lock - 62032.
- Residential - T-Handle Cable Lock System 1-3/8” Thick doors - HD8460-138.
- Residential - Lift Handle - HD3076.
- Residential - Step Plate - 11Gauge - HD3080.
- Residential - 1/8”x8’6” Premade Cable Assembly (7’ Door) - CBA18A07.
- Residential - 1/8”x9’6” Premade Cable Assembly - 18B08w.
- Residential - D400 96x1” Bore - Standard Lift Cable Drums - 12006.
- Residential - D400 144x1”Bore - Standard Lift Cable Drums - 12007.
- Residential - Press Fit Bearing Standard 1”Shaft - R5110.
- Residential - Fixed Spring Plate 3-3/8” Offset With 1” bearing - BK104.
- Residential - 258 13 Gauge - End Bearing Plate With bearing - 34000L - 34000R.
- Residential -Cable Snubbers - Sold as Pair - Z9200.
- Residential - ThermoCraft - Operator Plate - 19”
- Residential - Operator Reinforced bracket 21 Galvanized - 903021ORBG.
- Residential - Operator Reinforced Adjustable Bracket 18-24 Zinc Plated - 903ADJORBX.
- Residential Springs in Various sizes - Left & Right Hands:
- .207 x 2” x 24”.
- .234 x 2” x 28”.
- .218 x 2” x 26”.
- .243 x 2” x 30”.
- .218 x 2” x 28”.
- .250 x 2” x 32”.
- .225 x 2” x 26”.
- .262 x 2” x 35”.

Leduc Residential Wayne Dalton Garage Door Parts & Springs

Door Surgeon has a stock of the Wayne Dalton garage door parts.

Residential wayne dalton garage door parts and springs Leduc.

Door Surgeon stocks a Large Variety of Residential Garage Door Replacement Parts

- Extension Spring 7’ Door 60lbs Brown-25-42-60.
- Extension Spring 7’ Door 80lbs Gold-25-42-80.
- Extension Spring 7’ Door 100lbs Tan-25-42-100.
- Extension Spring 7’ Door 160lbs Brown-25-42-160.

- Residential - 3” Zinc Plated Steel Pulley for Extension Spring Assembly - R5200.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - New Style TM+ Paul Knob Winding Gear Plate Assembly Double Door LH RH - 49111.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - Cable Drums Up to 8’ Doors - 49113.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - End Hinge #1 - 49278.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - End Hinge #2 - 49280.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - End Hinge #3 - 49282.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - End Hinge #4 - 49284.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - Inter Hinge - 49295.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton - Adjustable Operator Bracket (Torque Tube Doors) - 326211.

- 16’ x 7’ Wayne Dalton LS9100 TM (Old Style) - 314456.
- 16’ x 7’ Wayne Dalton LS9100 TM+ (New Style) - 314986.
- 16’ x 7’ Wayne Dalton LS9600 TM (Old Style) - 314440.
- 16’ x 7’ Wayne Dalton LS9600 TM+ (New Style) - 314970.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Hinges Leduc

Door Surgeon carries a large variety of commercial garage door parts.

Leduc commercial overhead garage door hinges.

- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #1 - H11G01.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #2 - H11G02.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #3 - H11G03.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #4 - H11G04.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #5 - H11G05.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #6 - H11G06.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #7 - H11G07.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #8 - H11G08.
- Commercial - 11Gauge Hinge #9 - H11G09.
- Commercial - 11Gauge hinge #10 - H11G10.
- Commercial - 11Gauge hinge #11 - H11G11.
- Commercial - 11Gauge hinge #12 - H11G12.
- Commercial - CNB Centre Hinge - 62770.
- Commercial - NB #1 Roller Bracket - 62770.
- Commercial - NB #2 Roller Bracket - 62774.
- Commercial - NA #3 Roller Bracket - 62700.
- Commercial - NA #4 Roller Bracket - 62702.
- Commercial - NA #5 Roller Bracket - 62704.

Leduc Commercial Overhead Garage Door Rollers & Hinges

Commercial overhead garage door parts are of heavier gauge and often larger in size than residential garage door parts.

Commercial overhead garage door rollers and hinges Leduc.

Door Surgeon carries a Large assortment of Commercial Overhead Door Replacement Parts.

Door Surgeon's parts comprise a variety of replacements for commercial overhead doors. Parts that include: roller brackets, centre hinges, steel roller bearings, bottom brackets, adjustable bottom fixtures, top fixtures, Richard Wilcox jamb brackets. End bearing plates, adjustable spring plates, bolt flange housing with insert bearing, flanged bearing heavy duty zinc plated.

- Commercial - NA #6 Roller Bracket - 62706.
- Commercial - NA #7 Roller Bracket - 62708.
- Commercial - Sunshine Centre Hinge - 62771.
- Commercial - 3” Steel Bearing Roller, Short Stem - RS1034.
- Commercial - 3” Steel Bearing Roller, Long Stem - RS1037.
- Commercial - 3” HD Sealed Bearing Solid Steel Tire Zinc Plated - 22014.
- Commercial - 3” White Nylon Roller 9” Stainless Steel Stem Double Sealed Bearing - RN0039-SS.
- Commercial - 3 Bottom Bracket CBB-95-3 - 18030.
- Commercial - Steelcraft Adjustable Bottom Fixtures - 57012.
- Commercial - Top Fixture - BK010.
- Commercial - 4” Jamb Bracket (2” & 3”) Richard Wilcox - 62209.
- Commercial - 4.5” Jamb Bracket Richard Wilcox - 62154.
- Commercial - 5.25” Jamb Bracket Richard Wilcox - 62153.
- Commercial - 6.5” Jamb Bracket Richard Wilcox - 62210.
- Commercial - 3-3/8” End Bearing Plate - WD9338.
- Commercial - Adjustable Spring Plate - BK101.
- Commercial - FD05G 2 Bolt Flange Housing - 07581637 *must be used with UC205-16 1” x 52mm Insert Bearing - 05606717.
- Commercial - Flanged Bearing Heavy Duty Zinc Plated - 22023.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Parts Drums & Belts

Leduc commercial overhead garage door parts drums and belts.

Door Surgeon Replacement Parts for Commercial Overhead Doors.

Adjustable couplers & solid couplers also 54x1" bore high-lift cable drums, 120x1" boor high-lift cable drum, long-throw lock, 15" pusher springs, springs with bracket. Shaft mount chain hoist jrg v2 1" shaft direct drive, shaft mount chain hoist jrg v2 1" shaft direct drive, chain keeper, vee belts, liftmaster disconnect sash chains, liftmaster medium-duty hoist operator, liftmaster medium-duty jackshaft operator.

- Commercial - Adjustable Coupler - Z9403.
- Commercial - Solid Coupler - Z9401.
- Commercial - D525-54 x 1” Bore High Lift Cable Drums - 2010.
- Commercial - D575-120 x 1” Bore High Lift Cable Drum - 12011.
- Commercial - Garage Long-throw Lock - 62032A.
- Commercial - 15” Pusher Spring - Sold as Pair - Z9002 *Also comes in 27”.
- Commercial - Spring With Bracket - Sold as Pair - Z9900.
- Commercial - Shaft Mount Chain Hoist - JRG V2 1” Shaft Direct Drive - JRGX1.
- Commercial - Chain Keeper Only - 22004.
- 5L 370 - 5L 350 - 5L 340 - 5L 300.
- 4L 400 - 4L 360 - 4L 340 - 3L 290.
- Commercial - Liftmaster Disconnect Sash Chain - 71-199010.

Residential & Commercial Overhead Garage Door Motor Parts

Garage door motor parts are available to meet common wear items. Garage door motor parts are specific to the garage door operator, ensure that you review the garage door parts diagram before ordering.

Residential and commercial overhead garage door motor parts Leduc.

- Residential - Liftmaster Chain Pulley Bracket - 41A4813.
- Residential - Liftmaster Belt Pulley Bracket - 041B5424.
- Residential - Liftmaster Idler Cable Pulley - 44C56.
- Residential - Liftmaster Idler Belt Pulley - 144C54.
- Residential - Liftmaster Retailer Chain Replacement Kit - 41C2735.
- Residential - Liftmaster 7H Replacement Belt - 41A5434-11.
- Residential - Liftmaster Belt Tensioner (Spring Nut for Belt Trolley) - 41B4103.
- Residential - Liftmaster Belt Drive Trolley Kit (T-Rail) - 41B3869-3A.
- Residential - Square rail Trolley Kit - 41C51412.
- Residential - Liftmaster Chain Drive Trolley Kit (T-Rail) - 41A3489.
- Residential - Genie Traveller Assembly for Screw Drive - 36179R.
- Residential - Genie Traveller for Chain & Belt Drives Models - 36453A S.
- Residential - Liftmaster External Quick Release for Manual Disconnect Keyed Cable Pull Release - 1702LMC.
- Residential - Liftmaster Belt Drive Gear and Sprocket Kit - 2002-41A4885-5.
- Residential - Liftmaster Chain Drive Kit - 41C4220A.
- Residential - Liftmaster Straight Arm - 178B34 - J Arm Assembly - 178B35.
- Residential - 1” Spreader Bar Package - SPREADER001.
- Residential - Liftmaster Limit Switch Shaft & Sprocket - K72-33872-1.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Motor Parts Leduc

Leduc commercial overhead garage door motor parts.

- Commercial - Liftmaster 390mhz Co-Axial Single Channel Receiver - 412HMC.
- Commercial - Liftmaster Universal Sec + 2.0 Receiver - 850LM.
- Commercial - Linear 1 Channel Delta 3 Receiver 310MHZ - DR.
- Commercial - Liftmaster 315MHZ Receiver (Parkade) - STAR450-315.
- Carloz Gavazzi - Harsh Environment Commercial Photo Eye Reflector - PMP12RI.
- Commercial - ER100 4 Square Reflector - ER100.
- Commercial - Overhead Door Photo Eye - CPS-U.
- LiftMaster - Control Module - 41D7742-7
- Commercial - Overhead Door 3 Button Switch - 02-103.
- Commercial - 3 Button Wall Station NEMA 4 (Manaras) - STATION-078.
- Commercial - Pneumatic Treadle Hose (Hard Hose) Air Switch to Pneumatic hose.
- Commercial - Pneumatic Gum Hose 1/2” - 34’ - 3002-200FT.
- Commercial - Black Coil Cord 2 Wire 18 Gauge 20’ Extended - 50-104-1.
- Commercial - LiftMaster Orange Coil Cord 3 Wire 18 Gauge 20’ Extended - 50-104-2.
- Commercial - Coil Cord Offset Bracket - 75014.
- Commercial - Metal Housing for Air Switch - AIRSWITCH008.
- Commercial - Exterior 3 Wire Air Switch Face Only for Use With AIRSWITCH008 Housing Metal - AIRSWITCH007.

Leduc Residential Garage Door & Commercial Overhead Door Opener Parts

Leduc residential garage door and commercial overhead door opener parts.

- Commercial - 20’ Retractable Take-up Reel 18 Gauge 2 Wire - 50-106.
- Commercial - Exterior 3 Wire Air Switch With Plastic Housing Non-Adjustable - 50-101-2.
- Commercial - Rubber Plugs Pnuematics for Use with Gum Hose - RP-3002.
- Commercial - Brake Solenoid - 115v 120v - 22-120.
- Commercial - Brake Solenoid - 230v 240v - 22-240.
- Commercial - Brake Solenoid - 575v - 22-575.

- Residential - Genie Residential Photo Eye Replacement Kit - 37220R.
- Residential - Liftmaster - Photo Eye Brackets - Snap On Track - 41A5266-1.
- Residential - 75W Rough Surface - Frosted Light Bulb - SEL75RS130PK6.
- Residential CodeDodger Photo Eyes Replacement Kit.
- Residential - Home Link Repeater Kit - 855LM.
- Residential - Genie Series II Wall Console - 39165R. - Compatible with Genie garage door openers with series II electronics.
- Residential - LiftMaster Wireless Control Panel - 78LMC. - For use with LiftMaster series 1995 and newer.
- Residential - LiftMaster Control Panel - 882LMW. - For use with Security+ 2.0 systems.
- Residential - LiftMaster Control Panel - 889LM. - For use with most manufacturers after 1998.
- Residential - LiftMaster Wireless Keyless Entry - 878MAX. - For use with all LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured since 1998.
- Residential - Overhead Door Wireless Keyless Entry - OAR-GN-KYPD-CD-2. - For use with Overhead door CodeDodger openers 1995 and newer.
- Door Surgeon Garage Door Lubricant - 400HDSprayLube-18oz.

Residential Garage Door Remotes & Batteries

Garage doors often are operated with a garage door opener remote. The specific garage door opener remote that works with your garage door will needed to be programmed before use.

Residential garage door remotes and batteries Leduc.

Garage/Overhead Door Replacement Remotes for Openers.

Door Surgeon carries electronic replacement parts that include: residential GPSuper high voltage battery 12v alkaline. Residential MaxCell 3v lithium button cell, residential Macveil 3v lithium button cell, residential renata 3v lithium button cell, residential energizer industrial 9v battery. Residential overhead 3 button code dodger, residential overhead door 3 button remote, residential liftmaster transmitter, residential liftmaster 1 button remote control. Residential liftmaster 3 button keychain remote, residential/commercial linear 1 button delta-3 transmitter 310mhz, Door Surgeon garage door lubricant.

- Residential - GPSuper High Voltage Battery - 12V Alkaline - GP23A.
- Residential - MaxCell 3V Lithium Button Cell - CR2016.
- Residential - Macveil 3V Lithium Button Cell - CR2032.
- Residential - Renata 3V Lithium Button Cell - CR2450.
- Residential - Energizer Industrial Battery - 9V-1-PKG.
- Residential - Genie 390 Transmitter - OAR-GN-TRAN-390-1BT. - Compatible with all Overhead Door 390 frequency garage door openers before 1996.
- Residential - Overhead Door 3 Button Remote - 37219R. - Compatible with all Overhead Door CodeDodger openers January 1993 to present.
- Residential - LiftMaster 3 button keychain remote - 890MAX. Compatible with all LiftMaster garage door openers January 1993 to present.
- Residential - LiftMaster 2 Button Universal Remote - 38OUT Compatible with many garage door manufacturers.
- Residential - Liftmaster Transmitter - LS361LMC. Compatible with models 33LM, 33LMC, 61LM, 61LMC, 62LM, 62LMC, 63LM, 63LMC, 64LM & 64LMC.
- Residential - Liftmaster 1 Button Remote Control - 971LMC. Compatible with LiftMaster Security+ 390MHz garage door openers.
- Residential - Liftmaster 1 Button Remote Control - 371LM. Compatible with LiftMaster products that are 315MHz Security+.
- Residential - Liftmaster 3 Button Remote - 893MAX. Compatible with LiftMaster garage door openers January 1993 to present.
- Residential - Wayne Dalton Visor Style 3 Button - WD-309884. - Works with Wayne Dalton classic drive garage door opener models using 303MHz radio frequency.
- Residential/Commercial - Linear 1 Button Delta-3 Transmitter 310MHZ. - DT Compatible with Linear Delta 3 DT, DTC, DTA & DN-T00002. Moore-O-Matic & Ultra Lift Garage Door Remotes. - Delta 3 receivers: DR, DR3A, DR-2, DR-4, DRA, DRA-4, DRM, DRQP, GRD & GRD-2.

Residential Garage Door Drums & Commercial Overhead Door Drums Leduc

Leduc residential garage door drums and commercial overhead door drums.

Door Surgeon Garage/Overhead Door Replacement Cable Drums For Standard Lift Drums and High Lift Drums.

Door Surgeon carries D400-96 cable drums, D400-144 1" bore cable drums, D525-216 1-1/4" bore cable drums. D525-216 1" bore cable drums, D800-384 1" bore cable drums, D800-384 1-1/4" bore cable drums. D400-54 1" bore cable drums, D525-54 1" bore cable-drums, D525-54 1-1/4" bore cable drums. D575-120 1" bore cable drums, D575-120 1-1/4" bore cable drums. D800-120 1-1/4" bore cable drums, D6375-164 1-1/4" bore cable drums.

- D400-96 Cable Drums - Residential - in stock - pair - 12006.
- D400-144 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - Residential - in stock - pair - 12007.
- D525-216 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - in stock - pair - 12009 .
- D525-216 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - pair - 12009A.
- D800-384 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - in stock - pair - 12013.
- D800-384 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - pair - 12042.

- D400-54 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - Residential/Commercial - in stock - 12018.
- D525-54 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - Residential/Commercial - in stock - 12010.
- D525-54 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - 12010A.
- D575-120 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - in stock - 12011.
- D575-120 Cable Drums 1-1/4”” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - 12011A.
- D800-120 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - 12046.
- D6375-164 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - 12040.

Residential Garage Door & Commercial Overhead Door Cable Drums & Couplers

Residential garage door and commercial overhead door cable drums and couplers Leduc.

- D850-132 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - in stock - pair - 12014.
- D1100-216 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - in stock - pair - 12015.
- D1100-216 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - pair - 12015A.
- D1350-336 Cable Drums 1” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - pair - 12047.
- D1350-336 Cable Drums 1-1/4” Bore c/w 1/4” Keyway - pair - 12048.

- 1” Adjustable Coupler c/w Square Keyway - 42009.
- 1-1/4” Adjustable Coupler c/w Square Keyway - 42010.
- 1’ Solid Sleeve Coupler c/w Square Keyway - 46001.
- 1-1/4” Solid Sleeve Coupler c/w Square Keyway - 46002.

Residential Garage Door & Commercial Overhead Door Weather-Seal,
Weatherstrip, Rubber Gaskets & Bottom Retainer Tracks

Over time garage door weatherstrip tends to wear out or become brittle. Replacing the garage door weatherstrip will once again help to seal out weather and potentially rodents. A large variety of garage door weatherstrip is shown here, however, there may be a need for a specific solution which is not presented on this page. Call our garage door parts service desk to discuss additional garage door part issues.

Leduc residential garage door commercial overhead door weatherseal, weatherstrip, rubber gaskets.

Door Surgeon Garage/Overhead Door Replacement Weatherstrip and Track.

Door Surgeon replacement garage door edge weather-seal available in white or brown. Sold in 9' or 16' lengths, sold in 3 packs 9' long for 8' and 9' doors, sold in 4 pack 9' long for 14' or 16' doors, bottom rubber sold in 9' or 16' lengths. Garage door bottom retainer for rubber sold in 9' or 16' lengths, rubber gasket for Steelcraft doors used between panels, garage door track for a variety of door heights and designs.

- SteelCraft Garage Door Bottom U-Rubber:
1003-2.5 2.5” bottom U-Rubber.
1003-3 3” bottom U-Rubber.
1003-4 4” bottom U-Rubber.
Available in 9’ or 16’ rolls.

Wayne Dalton - Garage door bottom rubber - 5120/9605 bulb seal 3”.
Available in 9’ or 16’ rolls.

Sample of Garage door bottom retainer for rubber.

- Garage Door Bottom Retainer:
FC0312-T16 Black vinyl.

- Garage Door Bottom Retainer:
FC0289-T12 Black vinyl.

- Garage Door Bottom Flat-Retainer:
1019-1-3-8-10 Rigid vinyl - 1-3/8” door.
- Garage Door Bottom L-Retainer:
42216-1-1-4-9 Rigid vinyl.

- Garage Door Aluminum Bottom U-Retainer:
1005-1-3-4-10 1-3/4” door.

- Garage Door Bottom Retainer Raised Centre:
1015-1-3-4-10 Rigid vinyl 1-3/4” door.

- Garage Door Aluminum Bottom Flat-Retainer
1007-1-5-8-10 1-3/4” door.

- Garage Door Aluminum Bottom L-Retainer
1003-1-3-8-10 1-3/8” door.

- PKGSTCR 9x9 WHT (3 pack white).
- PKGSTCR 18x9 WHT (4 pack white).
- PKGSTCR 9x9 BRN (3 pack brown).
- PKGSTCR 18x9 BRN (4 pack brown).

- Garage Door Gasket
CTRGASKET SteelCraft centre section gasket seal.

Garage door hinges, rollers, cables, drums, photo-eyes, remotes & weatherstrip.

Door Surgeon parts centre stocks a variety of sizes and functions of garage door parts. Garage door hinges for residential doors sizes 1 through 6 and center hinges as well. Commercial garage door hinges sizes 1 through 7 and center hinges. Residential garage door rollers. Commercial garage door rollers, short stem and long stem. Garage door cables for 7 and 8 foot high garage doors. Commercial custom made garage door cables. Garage door cable roller drums for home or commercial garage doors. Photo-eyes for residential garage doors. Remote for residential and commercial garage doors. Weatherstrip for home and commercial garage doors. Garage door bottom weatherstrip seals.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door opener motor wireless controller and wireless wall mount controls Leduc. Leduc Door Surgeon garage door repair technician fixing garage door opener motor.

Garage door openers to meet your garage door size

Door Surgeon has a variety of garage door openers to meet the size of your garage door and the headroom available.

Parts and service recommendations are available for a number of common garage door brands including: Steel Craft, Wayne Dalton, Garaga, Overhead Door, West Gate Overhead Doors, North West Door, Clopay Garage Doors, Amar Garage Doors, Equal Garage Door.

Door Surgeon Garage Door Repair Parts Servicing Leduc

Mobile Garage Door Repair Parts Service Leduc

Door Surgeon Sales & Service Centre Edmonton

Locksmith shop Edmonton 17812 118 Ave NW

Transcript for Troubleshooting Garage Door Operations - Full Video Clip Below.

When we train we look at a typical garage door installation, but what about the jobs that have a variation from the norm? Problem solving is a critical skill for an installer, you must find a safe and effective solution to the problems that confront you from time to time. You'll learn from experience and from others how to remedy certain types of installation problems, but we can show you some of the problems you might encounter.

Your first step is to take an ounce of preventive care at the conclusion of every installation and check for proper installation by slowly opening and closing the door. performing a simple post installation check of the door is an absolute essential part of the job, it doesn't take a great deal of time but does enable you to check for problems while you are there and avoid a costly return to the customer to troubleshoot problems.

IMPROPERLY INSTALLED BEARING PLATES: Lets say that when you go to open the door the top section hits the drum on both sides, what can you do? Check the side bearing plates. Manufacturers have different mounting systems that can cause confusion, if the bearing plates have accidentally been installed in the wrong hole it can cause the whole section to be an inch or so too low causing the door to hit the cable drums.

LOOSE CABLES: If during your post installation test you notice your door is too heavy or you notice one of your cables is too loose and could fall off, here's what you do. First check to see if the garage door is sloping, if there is a slope and you didn't compensate by ensuring that the bottom section was level you'll have one cable longer than another. The bottom section must be level in order for for the cables and door to operate properly. Next check your spring tension, if you have insufficient sprint tension the spring will loose all of its preload prior to completing the opening cycle, as a result the cable can become loose or even fall of the drum.

DOOR IS HARD TO OPEN: You have a door that at first is difficult to open but after it's been lifted about 4" above the ground it works perfectly. Let’s see if we can find the problem. First see if you have attached the stop molding properly, stop mold should be installed so that there is a half inch between the wooden part of the molding and the door section. If it's too close the door will bind as it starts to open or as its about to fully close. You want a good seal between the molding and the door but it can't be so tight that it prevents the door from opening.

LOCATING A BIND: If you find a bind during the doors operation, stop the door as it begins to bind and check how each roller fits into the track. When a door is fully closed you should be able to turn the shaft of each roller, if you can't spin the shaft thats where the bind is. To remedy this situation, loosen the vertical track and back it away from the door.

SPRING COMPRESSION: If you're lowering a garage door and it won't completely close or it wants to raise back up as it gets to about a foot above the floor, you have a problem with spring compression. As you close the garage door the torsion spring winds and grows longer, this spring growth is necessary. If a spring slips off the centre cone or the winding cone then spring growth is prevented and the door won't close. When you do experience spring compression it has a very unique feel. Here's how you fix it, clamp the torque tube in place with locking pliers, place your winding bar in the winding cone and carefully undo the set-screws. Now, tap the winding bar this simple action will stretch the spring and eliminate binding, retighten the set-screws and remove the locking pliers.

LOW HEADROOM: exists when the space above the garage door opening is insufficient to allow for proper operation of the door. Some low headroom spaces require the services of a veteran installer but there are a couple of devices out there that anyone can use to complete a low headroom install. They are called quick turn fixtures. These devices are designed to more rapidly turn the top section allowing the door to clear the drums and operate the way it’s supposed to. Any time you end up a couple of inches short of where you need to be, installing a quick-turn device could just save the day.

UNSAFE WORK CONDITIONS: We've emphasized the point throughout this series that safety is your top priority, as an installer the most common safety concern you will encounter is a cluttered garage. Most companies have a standard procedure whereby they instruct the customer to provide a clear space to work in but many times the customer fails to understand what this means. If you arrive on-site and encounter a cluttered garage make sure you get the home owners permission prior to moving anything from the garage and then do so with great care. If the customer doesn't want you to move anything then instruct them how much room you will need and allow them to clear the area. If the customer doesn't want you to move anything and they don't want to move anything then you will not be able to install the door, but don't expect that to happen very often. The main thing to remember is to not proceed with the installation until you have created a safe working environment.

Experience is the greatest teacher, you'll learn many ways to solve problems and troubleshoot in the process of developing your skills. We've looked at only a few of the common problems that you might run into but many other variables exist and potential challenges will find you. One cautionary note, never take a risk, if you are unsure how to handle something call your trainer or your supervisor and explain the situation this is especially important in your first year. You won't be criticized for asking the questions while you are learning. In the vast majority of cases the problems you face will be resolved and as you gain more experience you'll gain more ways to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Operations - 7 min


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