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Home/Residential Door hardware

Lever handles ballknobs and deadbolts

29 minute intro to Locksmith service Van, Locksmith Sales & Service Centre, Home Hardware and keys

Door Surgeon Sales & Service Centre, Locksmith Van, Locksmith Service Centre, Hardware and Keys.

29 minute video reviewing Locksmith trucks, replacement hardware, key cutting equipment, typical handles, deadbolts and door repair products. Quick review of the Locksmith and Door Surgeon service centre, lever handles, deadbolts and break-in repair products. Quick look at the mobile door repair and Locksmith dispatch centre. Review of locks, safes, keys, doors and door hardware. Door Surgeon and Lock Surgeon a team of experts to meet your needs.

Home Door Hardware - 6 min

Quality residential Door Handles, Knobs, Lever Handles, Deadbolts and Entry Grip Sets.

6 minute Quick look at Locksmith grade ball knob handles, deadbolts, lever handles, grip sets with discussion on function and colour. Door Surgeon and Lock Surgeon a team of experts to meet your needs.

replacement handles in designer colours and functions to replace broken handles and deadbolts

Grade 3 residential hardware

Door Surgeon technicians will provide you with a selection of door hardware to meet your replacement or repair needs. Common ballknobs, deadbolts and lever handles are stocked on their mobile service vans so as to make fast repairs and replacements.

Stylish Grip-sets and Lever Handles

Pullhandle grip-sets and deadbolts with interior lever option

Replacement Handles in decorative design and colour

Door Surgeons 24 hour mobile service vans stock a variety of handles to meet your handle-deadbolt replacement needs. Often times our Door Surgeon Handimen can repair and adjust your current handle or deadbolt. Door Surgeon's handimen are also locksmiths so they can rekey your new lock to match your current key system.

Push-button Entry

Easy Keyless access

Easy Access Push-button Digital Entry

A great option for kids and family members that might not always have their keys. They entry code can be used to let service personnel in even when your not home. A favorite with the elderly and disabled as it allows quick access for cargivers. Door Surgeon can help you select the right product and get it installed quickly.

Door Surgeon has installed these push-button digital entry systems in homes, offices, lunchrooms, washrooms and sales offices.

Keypad Deadbolts with Proximity SMart cards

The EL740 Series Push-button digital entry system has a key-overide that allows cleaning staff and management to use a key even if the push-button digital entry code has been changed or breaks down. The Door Surgeon's mobile team of digital entry system installers will ensure your unit is installed properly and programmed correctly.

The EL740 Series is weather-resistant, can be programmed with 10 different digital entry codes, will adjust for 2-3/8" and2-3/4" backset, can be programmed to work with up to 10 RF ID smart cards.

Door & Frame Reinforcement

Door Saver, Security Strikes, Bold Buddy, Door Guardian

Door Surgeon can match the Door Saver to cover the damaged door edge or to reinforce the door against break-in attempts. Security Strikes can be installed on door frames to repair door frame or secure door frame from prying. Bolt Buddies are often installed by our Door Surgeon installation technicians to reinforce doors or repair doors and frames.

Old Style Ballknob & Latches

Simple and easy to use door knobs that provide entrance security, privacy or just basic passage

Simple and easy to use door knobs that provide entrance security, privacy or just basic passage

Do it yourself or have us do it, these handles retrofit into the older home and appartment door knob holes.

Designer Deadbolts and Handles by Schlage

made for style and function schlage deadbolts and handles. Secondary locking Patio pins to lock down patio doors

Schlage deadbolts and grip-sets. Patio door locking bolts

Need to match a style or keyway? Let our sales and service center counter shop help know what your needs are. Patio door bolts are a secondary locking device.

Mortise Locks With Skeleton Key and Glass Knobs

Popular in the 40s, 50s and 60s in old-style character homes for locking front and back doors. Let our Locksmith survice provider install the right lock for you.

Door Viewers/Peepholes

Standard door peephole, fire-rated peephole, angle-view and stand-away door viewers

Choose the right peephole or door viewer to match your needs and have Door Surgeon install it for you.

Deadbolt Replacement, Latches and Grip-set Mechanisms

2-3/8, 2-3/4 and 5 inch backset latches as well as deadbolts

Components for your Weiser locks that are easy to replace

Call our mobile service centre to have your door handle, deadbolt or hardware fixed, repaired or replaced. Or visit one of our sales and service centres and do it yourself.

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