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Our friendly Stony Plain, knowledgable dispatcher will book your commercial door handle & hardware repair appointment.

Our friendly Stony Plain, knowledgable dispatcher will book your commercial door handle & hardware repair appointment.

Your professional Stony Plain mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Your professional Stony Plain mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Professional Stony Plain commercial door handle & hardware repair installations and quality hardware.

Professional Stony Plain commercial door handle & hardware repair installations and quality hardware.

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Commercial Door Handle & Hardware Repair Stony Plain

Warehouse, storefront and apartment door handle hardware parts wear out. Over time and use commercial door hardware handles & deadbolts components wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. Often building codes change and new commercial door hardware parts are designed to work better and perform better. Old commercial door parts can become a safety hazard, new fire-codes can be introduced that will dictate the new commercial door parts required to be used in a renovation application. Door Surgeon commercial door handle & hardware repair service in Stony Plain will be happy to help.

Door Surgeon Stony Plain's commercial door handle & hardware repair servicemen have been trained in the latest hardware components available and new commercial door fire-code requirements. Their commercial door handle & hardware repair service trucks are stocked with a variety of commonly needed repair products for commercial handles, deadbolts, hinges, pivots, weatherstripping. As well as: commercial apartment paddle handles, apartment lever handles to name a few.

Safety and security is always top of mind, storefronts, warehouses, apartments and businesses need their door handles, deadbolts and hardware repaired quickly and professionally. Door Surgeon is available to make door hardware repairs. Call Door Surgeon's mobile door hardware repair dispatch centre to make arrangements to have your commercial door handle & hardware fixed, repaired and/or adjusted as needed.

Commercial Storefront Door Hardware

Door Surgeon storefront door hardware sales and installation Stony Plain.

Stony Plain Door Surgeon Commercial Door Handles & Hardware Repair Service Warehouse, office and storefront locks, hinges, pivots, door closers and weatherstrip repair services

Door Surgeon's sales and service centre stocks a variety of parts to meet your business, warehouse, apartment, storefront, hinges, pivots & flip-up bolts. As well as deadlatches, lever handles, storefront and apartment paddle handles, push pull handles, warehouse, digital push-button entry & panic bars. We also look after door security reinforcements and weatherstrip repair needs. Take the time to speak with our in-store commercial door handle and hardware technicians that are trained to help you find the door part you need. It's Door Surgeon's job to match your broken lock, hinge, pivot, door closer and weatherstrip to the new part that will best retrofit into your current door.

Whether doing minor or major commercial door repairs and or complete commercial door renovations, Door Surgeon is your go-to location for door parts. Door Surgeon's parts centres stock everything from paddle handles, flip up bolts, lock cylinders and door closers to weatherstrip, door sweeps, door knobs, deadbolts and security bars. Door Surgen's commercial door parts service counter technicians can help you with all your door hardware parts needs. Door Surgeon also provides mobile door repair service. Door Surgeon's commercial door repair service vans are stocked with a variety of common commercial door repair parts to make adjustments and repairs typically on the first visit. You can count on Door Surgeon's door service handymen to get your commercial door repaired and secured.

Storefront & Apartment Door Hardware Repair

Door Surgeon sales and service parts and installation for apartment door repairs Stony Plain Door Surgeon commercial door locksmith repairman Stony Plain

Glass Aluminium door parts are made to meet the challenges of front entry doors in apartments and stores

Glass aluminium doors that are in storefronts, hotels, motels, hospitals, apartments, condominiums and anywhere with a glass facade, require specific repair parts. Door Surgeon's team of door hardware repair experts can complete all your commercial door hardware repairs and/or replacements often in just one visit.

Glass Aluminium Door Lock Parts

Door Surgeon storefront apartment door hardware sales service and installations Stony Plain Door Surgeon sales and service parts and installation replacement locks Stony Plain

Storefront & apartment door hardware & Replacement locks

Door Surgeon's mobile door hardware repair service trucks stock commercial door parts for glass aluminium doors. Paddle handles break, lever handles wear out, deadlatches jam and flip-up bolts break because of forced entry. Door Surgeon can help you match the right door hardware part to facilitate a quick and easy repair. Door cylinders are available in a variety of keyways such as: Schlage, Weiser, Yale and Corbin, as well as security keyways such as: Medico, Mul-T-Lock, Peaks and MX11 security keyways. Removable T-turns provide night-time security.

Warehouse & Steel Doors Handle & Deadbolt Repair

Door Surgeon warehouse doors and steel doors for commercial industrial buildings Stony Plain.

Interior or exterior steel door hardware repair

Commercial interior and exterior steel doors look similar, however, each has some unique features. Exterior steel doors should be insulated and the sizes typically are 36" wide, some of these exterior doors will require panic bars to meet fire code regulations. Others can have locking door ballknobs or lever handles. Deadbolts are always recommended in exterior door applications. Interior steel doors typically will require a fire rating, could have windows and will generally have lever handles. Steel doors for warehouses, apartments, hotels and motels are available through Door Surgeon's sales and service centre, as are panic bars, lever handles, ballknobs and deadbolt parts. Door Surgeon's on-site mobile door hardware replacement serviceman can help you choose the correct handle, deadbolt or door hardware component that will best suit the needs of your entry door.

Repair of Commercial Grade 1 & 2 Ball Knobs & Lever Handles

Door Surgeon ball knobs and lever handles sales and service parts installation and repairs Stony Plain.

Commercial grade hardware for man-doors

Door Surgeon carries a variety of ballknobs, lever handles and deadbolts to meet all your commercial door hardware needs. Just ask, it's our job to match the right replacement door hardware component to your entry door requirements.

Commercial Digital Push-button Entry

Door Surgeon keyless entry hardware for homes warehouses offices lunchrooms and sales offices Stony Plain.

Push-button digital entry with key-overide if required

Ask Door Surgeon's on-site mobile commercial door hardware repair and adjustment serviceman to display and discuss push-button digital entry systems.

These push-button digital entry systems can be used in warehouses, offices, lunchrooms, sales offices and even homes. Door Surgeon sales and service locksmith staff can match the correct push-button digital entry system to your door access needs. Door Surgeon has push-button digital entry hardware that work with panic bars, work as a deadbolt, can be installed on storefront doors, have lever handles or ballknobs and even can be provided with key-overide for easy lock management.

Repair of Door Panic Bars

Door Surgeon door hardware replacement panic bars repair sales and installations Stony Plain.

A wide variety of panic bars can be repaired or replaced

Door Surgeon's service counter personnel can help find the right panic bar solution for your emergency exit door environment. Standard panic bars are available with dog-down or fire rated features. Vertical rod panic bars latch at top and bottom of door. Alarmed panic bars can be provided with timed-delay exit alarm. The Door Surgeon panic bar, door handle & hardware repair service technician can supply and install the panic bar that will replace your current damaged emergency exit device.

Fire Exit Doors

Door Surgeon commercial door hardware parts and installation services Stony Plain

Single or Double door fire exits

Rules and regulations for doors and the hardware that go with them vary from application to application. What might be right for a warehouse door may not be right for a church or restaurant. Review your door needs with one of Door Surgeon's sales and service counter help staff. Doors in a fire rated location must have the appropriate fire rated tag, ranging from 20min to 90min. Glass in fire rated doors must also be of the appropriate class.

Hinge Replacement & Repair

Door Surgeon commercial ball-bearing hinges and full-length hinges repair and installations Stony Plain.

Commercial ball-bearing hinge or full-length hinge

Door Surgeon's sales centres can provide a variety of hinge solutions. Door Surgeon Stony Plain can match your current hinge or completely change the hinge style or type, just ask Door Surgeon's mobile door hardware and hinge repair serviceman can find the right hinge for your commercial door application.

Flush Bolts

Door Surgeon flush bolts sales installations and repairs Stony Plain.

Used in steel doors, glass aluminium doors and even wood doors

Flush bolts are typically used in the stationary door of a double-door system. There is a variety of hole patterns, back-sets and lengths of flush bolts to choose from.

D-Handles With Push Plate & Door Hold-open Leg

Door Surgeon door handles and hold-opens sales and installations Stony Plain.

For Commercial, Industrial, Apartment & Warehouse Doors

Used on various types of commercial door applications.

Master Key Systems

Door Surgeon key systems master keys key-groups and access control sales and installations Stony Plain.

Master Key or Keyed Alike groupings

Master key or keyed alike grouping for door access control in various office, warehouse, school, and commercial building applications.

Door Security Reinforcements

Door Surgeon commercial door security hardware repair installation and sales Stony Plain.

Door edge repairs, reinforcements and attack blockers

Full length door edge blockers. Door edge repairs, reinforcements and attack blockers. Window bars and lock guards.

Back Door Barrier Bars

Door Surgeon commercial door hardware security bars for industrial doors installation and sales Stony Plain.

Fire rated extra security for doors with panic bars

Commercial door hardware security - back door exit barrier bars.

Commercial Weatherstrip Replacements

Door Surgeon commercial weatherstrip replacement sales and installations Stony Plain.

Weatherstrip for door frame or door bottom

A variety of commercial weatherstripping is available for single-leaf steel doors, doubl-leaf steel doors, sweeps at the base of the door and T-weatherstrip to seal the joint between two double-doors.

Door Surgeon Mobile Commercial Door Handle Hardware Repair Servicing Stony Plain

Mobile Door Parts & Service Stony Plain

Door Surgeon Sales & Service Centre Edmonton

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Door Surgeon Sales & Service Centre, Van, Hardware and Keys. - 26 min

26 minute video reviewing Locksmith trucks, replacement hardware, key cutting equipment, typical handles, deadbolts and door repair products. Quick review of the Locksmith and Door Surgeon service centre, lever handles, deadbolts and break-in repair products. Quick look at the mobile door repair and Locksmith dispatch centre. Review of locks, safes, keys, doors and door hardware. Door Surgeon and Lock Surgeon a team of experts to meet your needs.

Commercial, Business, Office, Warehouse Lever & Door Handles, Deadbolts & Keyless Entry Hardware

Product Presented in "Like" Groups For Easy Reference.

In-store Sales and Service Or Installation Services Available

ul-cul listed for fire rated openings, backset available in 2-3/4 and 2-3/8 inches Stony Plain.

Grade 1 heavy-duty, quality lever handles used in institutional, government and high-use applications

Variety of functions including: entrance lock, privacy for washrooms, storeroom always locked, classroom keyable for locked or passage, institutional double-sided key required from both sides and passage allowing unkeyed easy access.

5000 Series Lever Set - Grade 1 HD

Vandal resistant clutch model, latch-bolt at 2-3/4 inch, fits door thickness 1-9/16 to 2-1/8 inch Stony Plain.

5000 Series Grade 1 heavy duty, quality lever handles used in institutional, government and high-use applications

A variety of functions including: entrance lock, privacy for washrooms, storeroom always locked, classroom keyable for locked or passage, institutional double-sided key required from both sides and passage allowing unkeyed easy access.

4000 Series Knob-set Grade 1 HD

Entrance handle lockset pushbutton knob secures lock functions: privacy storeroom classroom passage Stony Plain.

Grade 1 heavy duty knob-set built to withstand high use areas, often used in schools, government buidings, warehouses, apartments and commercial buildings

The professional hardware installer's choice when providing a knob-set that will withstand rough use. Available in keyed entrance knob function, privacy washroom function, storeroom always locked, double-sided keyway for institutional use locking on both sides, classroom use allowing for locked and unlocked function and passage for allowing ease of use without key.

Grade 1 Latches and Accessories

Grade 1 and 2 handle repair with spare parts meant to work with ball-knobs and lever handles Stony Plain

Repair parts for broken or worn Grade 1 & 2 handle knobs or levers

Match the correct latch style and length to your needs or have Door Surgeon's staff come to your site to repair or replace parts as needed

Grade 2 Commercial Lever Set

leverset come with schlage cylinder can be retrofit with IC-core security key other common keyways Stony Plain.

Grade 2 lever a standard lever for a variety of commercial applications

Grade 2 lever is used by Door Surgeon's hardware installation team to resolve most commercial, warehouse, storeroom and office lever handle needs. Excellent lever for new construction or to replace broken or worn existing handles

800 Series Stony Plain & Calgary Lever-set Styles

Stony Plain design comes with standard rigide appearance calgary design has rounded softer appearance.

Reliable clutched lever

Has clutch to mitigate vandalism. The handle will turn easily even in the locked position. The Calgary design has a rounded more elegant appearance. Available in keyed entrance function, keyed storeroom function - always locked, privacy handle for washrooms, classroom can be switched from always locked to passage and passage handle allows for ease use without lock.

Grade 2 Commercial Knob-set 100B Series

Commercial handle in silver or brass hue schlage keyway weiser keyway accepts security and IC-core Stony Plain.

Commercial knob-set Grade 2

The go-to handle used most often by Door Surgeon's mobile service locksmith installers, to secure commercial buildings, warehouses, offices and business doors. Available in common functions, door locking entrance, passage convenient non-locking handle, privacy handle for washrooms, exit-only handle has ball-knob on one side only. Storeroom handle requires key to open handle from exterior at all times. Classroom function handle can be set for passage or locked functions. Institutional style handle set requires key to be used to enter or exit room for either side.

Schlage AL-Series Grade 2 Lever

Door Surgeon Lever sales and installations: styles available, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter Stony Plain

Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn styles available

Grade 2 Schlage lever handles more commonly used in businesses and buildings including apartments and warehouses. Available in: passage easy access without a key, exit-only handle one side, plate other side, privacy for washrooms and office applications, keyed entrance for doors on exterior or office, classroom with two-functions keyed lock or passage, storeroom always locked key required at all times.

Schlage B250 Series Grade 1 Single-cylinder Deadlatch & 500 Series Grade 2 Single and Double Deadbolts

Single-cylinder deadlatch, deadbolt, door-bolt, with and without indicator double-cylinder deadbolt Stony Plain.

Grade 1 deadlatch bolt and grade 2 deadbolts

Quality locking deadlatch and B500 series single and double deadbolts with convenient features provide unique door locking opportunities. Interior lock with in-use indicator for washrooms, single-sided T-turn deadbolt with no exterior visible lock or single-sided T-turn with blank-face exterior.

Grade 1 Schlage B660-series Deadbolt & B-series Thimble Strike, Bolts & Tailpieces

Schlage B660 Grade 1 deadbolt single or double cylinder. available in polished brass or satin chrome Stony Plain.

Grade 1 commercial deadbolt latch and bolt parts

Grade 1 commercial deadbolt is the warehouse standard Door Surgeon's door repair service technicians use on a daily basis and is typical of what contractors have installed on commercial warehouse doors.

Simplex Kaba-Unican 1000-series Knob Push-button Locks

Limit access in high-traffic areas; key-overides, double-sided units to control entry and egress Stony Plain.

Push-button ball knob lock for a variety of commercial applications

Mechanical knob push-button locks are available with a variety of functions including standard push-button entry, combination both-side push-button entry, keyed overide function or a switch to passage function.

Simplex Kaba-Unican L-1000 Series Lever Push-button Locks

Door Surgeon Unican L1000 series pushbutton locks for commercial doors Stony Plain.

L-1000 series mechanical lever push-button lock

Lever handles are preferred to allow for handicap access and/or easy access when hands are full of other materials. Available in combination code entry, combination code entry with passage, combination code entry with key-overide.

Simplex Dormakaba LP1000-series Exit Device Control Lever Push-button Lock To Work With Panic Bar

Door Surgeon Simplex DormaKaba LP1000 exit device control pushbutton locks sales and installations Stony Plain.

Designed to work with panic bars and push-pad exit devices

Digital entry system will work with the following panic bar brands: Black and Decker, Cal Royal, Detex, Dorex, Dorma, Monarch and Von Duprin. Ask Door Surgeon's in-shop service technicians to pair the appropriate panic bar to this push-button entry system.

Simplex Dormakaba 3000 Series Narrow Stile Push-button Locks & 3000 Series Extra HD Push-button Locks

Door Surgeon sells and installs Simplex DormaKaba 3000 series narrow-stile pushbutton locks Stony Plain.

Narrow push-button lock for glass-aluminum door

Narrow push-button lock designed to work on storefront doors that restrict access such as, accounting office, sales office, doctors office.

Simplex Dormakaba Push-button Combination Lock Parts

Digital entry parts for kaba locksets, push-button, clutch assemblies, drive and shaft assemblies Stony Plain.

Parts for push-button locks

Door Surgeon's mobile service technicians can repair your lock on-site or visit Door Surgeon's sales and service centre to consult with a locksmith about the part or replacement options.

Simplex Dormakaba Push-button Deadlatch Deadbolt & Spring Parts

Deadlatches deadbolts springs tail-pieces and service parts for Dormakaba push-button digital entry Stony Plain.

Parts for commercial Dormakaba push-button digital entry

Deadlatches, deadbolts, springs, tail-pieces and service parts for Dormakaba push-button digital entry.

Von Duprin 22-series Exit-device & Trim

Modern design pushpad panic bar used for simple and easy egress for fire-code requirements Stony Plain.

Panic bar push-pad style by Von Duprin and trims to match your lock and door needs

Von Duprin standard panic bar, fire-rated panic bar and verticle rod panic bars with the push-pad style are the go to for Door Surgeon's installation and service team. Door trims also known as exterior handle combinations are available in a number of style functions: ball knob, lever, thumb-press, thumb-press with lock or night latch.

Von Duprin 44 & 88 Series Exit Device & Accessories

Door Surgeon Von Duprin 44 and 88 Series exit devices and accessory sales and installations Stony Plain.

44 and 88 panic bar and accessories

The 44 exit device is an older-style unit, not often used today. The 88 series exit device also found in older situations available with verticle rod, night-latch or keyed-thumb-piece trim, standard bar style or surface mount verticle rod.

Von Duprin 98 & 99 Series Exit Device & Trim

Door Surgeon Von Duprin 98 and 99 series exit devices and trims sales and installations Stony Plain.

Grade 1 Panic bar, 98 and 99 series exit device and trim are made to last

Heavy duty grade 1 panic bar used in governement buildings, apartments, law offices, and anywhere heavy use and quality panic bars are required. Available in fire-rated series with trims such as dummy-trim, night-latch, thumb-piece or lever handle.

Narrow Stile Exit Devices, Electronic Latch Retraction Kits & Accessories

Door Surgeon narrow-stile exit device electronic latch retraction accessory installationa and sales Stony Plain.

Devices are equipped with a fluid dampener which slows the pushpad on the return stroke and eliminates most noise associated with exit device operations.

Von Duprin Panic Bar Exit Device Parts & Accessories

Door Surgeon Von Duprin panic bar exit device parts and accessory installation and sales Stony Plain.

Parts and accessories for Panic Bar

Talk to Door Surgeon Stony Plain's service counter staff about what your needs are for parts to repair this popular brand of product.

Flush Bolt, Surface Bolts & Roller Latch

Door Surgeon flush-bolt surface-bolts and roller latch sales and installations Stony Plain.

Constant latching - inactive door remains latched until the active door is opened, releasing the automatic bottom bolt and then the top bolt can be manually released.

MLF Series Mortise Locks

Door Surgeon mortise locks repair replacement sales and installations Stony Plain

Grade 1 MLF Series Mortise Locks

This mortise lever cassette is available in: Passage, entrance, classroom, storeroom, apartment/dormitory/exit lock with rocker, apartment/dormitory/exit lock with no rocker, privacy and storeroom with deadbolt.

Concealed Circuit Single Acting Spring & Full Mortise Interim Hinges

Concealed circuit single-acting spring and full mortise interim hinges Stony Plain.

Concealed circuit electric hinge: intermediate connector which passes constant flow of current between the source of power (door jamb) and the actuated devices in the door.
Full Mortise Single-acting spring hinge: Non-handed hinge series has infinite adjustments with the tension being added or reduced by means of provided hex-key.
Full Mortise Interim Hinge: For new or retrofit installations.

Half Surface Plain Bearing & Full Mortise Bearing Hinges

Half-surface plain bearing and full mortise bearing hinges sales and installations Stony Plain.

Five-knuckle standard weight series half surface plain bearing hinges, full mortise steel bearing hinges

Recommended for use on minimum frequency and/or light weight wood or stock hollow metal doors in residences, apartments or other very low use doors in commercial construction.

Astragals Brush Sweeps & Gasketing

Astragals brush sweeps and gasketing for doors sales and installations Stony Plain

T-Astragal is ideal for double-door weatherstrip

Brush-sweep works for glass-aluminium doors, perimeter gasket kit designed for standard commercial steel doors.

Automatic Door Bottom Seal, Door Sweeps, Adhesive Smoke-Fire Gasket, Door Louvres

Automatic door bottom seal, door sweeps, adhesive smoke-fire gasket and door louvres Stony Plain

Automatic door bottoms consist of an aluminum case which surrounds the moveable drop-bar seal. Excellent resistance to compression set, particularly at elevated temperatures and for extended periods of time.

Storefront Frame Repair Kit, Deadbolt Guard & Frame Repair Plate

Storefront frame repair kit, deadbolt guards and frame repair plates sales and installations Stony Plain

Durable powder-coat finish, for outswing doors. Protects against vise grips, hammers, punches and crowbars. Lip overlap protects door frame. Completely covers many tubular deadbolts. Frame repair kit spanning 7" this kit reinforces damaged frames as well as provides additional security for intact frames.

RCI Rutherford Controls 6 Series HD Universal Electric Strikes & Universal Electric Faceplates

RCI rutherford control series6 heavy-duty universal electric strikes and universal faceplates Stony Plain.

Universal electric strike standard body or low-profile body

This electric strike is the go-to preferred electric strike by Door Surgeon's mobile installation team. Field selectable voltage input accommodates 12 or 24 VDC, 12 to 24 VAC and even 16 VAC in one strike. Choose fail-secure or fail-safe with the turn of a dial. Fail-secure mode requires DC voltage.

Magnetic Locks - 8 Series Multimag®, Minimag® & Micromag®

Magnetic locks multimag minimag micromag series for commercial industrial doors Stony Plain.

8 Series Multimag - adjustable keyhole mounting bracket for simplified installation. Built-in time delay, field selectable voltage, convenient plug-in wiring terminals.

Magnetic Gate Lock, Electronic Cabinet Lock & Power Supply Accessory

8380gatemag magnetic gate lock, electric cabinet lock, 365 day 99 event timer Stony Plain

8380 Gatemag® magnetic gate lock, Electric Cabinet Lock & 365 day-99 Event Timer

1500lbs holding force. No residual magnetism. Weather-resistant stainless steel housing. Versatile face or bottom mounting. Built in RLS (remote lock status). Field selectable voltage. Field selectable fail secure or fail safe assembly.

Power Supply & Power Supply Accessories

10 Series 1.5 AMP power supplies, plug, wire-in transformers, rectifier Stony Plain

10 Series 1.5 AMP power supplies, plug & wire-in transformers & rectifier

Plug & wire-in transformers & rectifiers. Plug into standard 115VAC outlet to provide low voltage AC output. Thermally protected to prevent overload due to short. Transformer will need to be replaced once fuse is blown. UL Listed.

Magstripe™ Card Reader & Standalone Digital Keypads

Series 9 easy-read magstripe card reader and standalone digital keypads Stony Plain

Series 9 easy-read Magstripe™ card reader & standalone digital keypads

Keypad programmable. Single gang flush mount design. 120 user capability. Electronics mounted on back of keypad. Stainless steel faceplate. Three LED's to indicate status and provide user with visual PIN entry confirmation. Field selectable 12-24 VAC/VDC.

Key Switches & Buttons

Tamper Resistant key switches, handicap exit buttons and switches Stony Plain

Tamper Resistant key switches, handicap exit buttons & switches

Extruded clear aluminum 1/4" plate with beveled edges. UL rated switches are SPDT and can be used for Normally open (NO), or Normally closed (NC) applications.

Standalone Keypad & Proximity Controllers

Outdoor Backlit Pin Proximity Anti-vandal button Pin proximity standalone controller Stony Plain.

Outdoor Mullion Backlit Pin-Proximity standalone controller & Anti-vandal button Pin-proximity standalone controllers

500 dual code users. 2x3 amp relays. 2 inputs with user programmable logic. 2 tri-coloured LED indicators. Fully-potted, meets IP65. 3 User levels and 3 modes of operation. Optical case and back tamper protection. Lockout feature on wrong entries.

GMS Mortise Cylinders

Mortise cylinder cams and key blanks Stony Plain

Quality Mortise & Rim Cylinders

Exact pinning specifications as original systems. Solid brass construction. Satin chrome finish. M100 Drilled & pinned 5. Includes AR cam. M118 drilled 6, pinned 5. Includes both AR & STD cams. Rim cylinders exact pinning specifications as original systems. Solid brass construction. Tailpiece converts between horizontal & vertical positions. Screw-on retaining cap design. Satin chrome finish. Drilled 6, pinned 5.

GMS - KIK Cylinders

Mortise cylinder cams and key blanks Stony Plain

knob, lever, deadbolt Cylinders and MX Series Cylinders - Proprietary Keyways

GMS is a favorite when accuracy in pinning is required. This quality cylinder can be Master Keyed as needed. MX-11 propriatary provincial key security is now available at Door Surgeon and Lock Surgeon.

Von Duprin 5100, 6100 & 6200 Electric Strikes

5100 Multi-function series - 6100 and 6200 Heavy duty strikes Stony Plain

5100 Multi-function series - 6100 & 6200 heavy duty strikes

Stop Kick-down, Wind Chain Stop, Latch Guards & ASA Strikes

Door hold-open kick-down windchain latchguards ASA strikes sales and installations Stony Plain.

- Zinc cast door stop finished in chrome.
- Heavy-duty steel welded chain.
- Non-handed unit for narrow-stile aluminum glass doors.
- Meets ASA strike specifications.

Knob & Lever Guards, Gate Latch, Cabinet Handles & Freezer Handles

Knob and lever guard, secret gate latches, cabinet handles T and L, freezer handles Stony Plain.

Knob and lever guard, secret gate latches, cabinet handles T&L, freezer handles

Pad-bolts, Barrel-bolts, Push Plates, Pull Plates & Flush Bolts

Door Surgeon pad-bolts barrel-bolts push-plates pull-plates and flush-bolts sales and installation Stony Plain

- 5" extra heavy-duty bolt accepts padlocks with a 1/2" padlock hole.
- Push/pull plate combination with a 9" pull mounted on a 4" x 16" push plate.
- Flush bolts for keeping the inactive door of double-doors stationary.

5" Deadbolt, Deadlatch, Cylinder, Cylinder Guard, Curved Shims & Mailbox Parts

Door Surgeon 5inch deadbolt deadlatch cylinder-guard shims and mailbox parts sales and installation Stony Plain.

- 5" deadbolt and deadlatch for Dorex, Stainless steel construction.
- 1" cylinder for Adams Rite narrow stile locks supplied with trim ring. Heavy aluminum plate attaches to door with 4 steel 3/16" pop rivets (included).
- Curved shims facilitating removing a plug from a cylinder when the original keys are not available.
- Riopel mailbox parts for residential, commercial, office and institutional buildings. All products are available by special order from Door Surgeon.

Commercial Door Edge Protection

Door Surgeon commercial door edge protection sales and installations Stony Plain.

Interlock Door edge security, steel or aluminum interlock, built to withstand B&E attempts or repair damage after break and enter attempts.

Replacement Residential & Commercial Weatherstrip

Door Surgeon replacement residential and commercial weatherstrip sales and installation Stony Plain.

Foam-tight residential weatherstripping, PWS aluminium/fixed commercial jamb mounted weatherstripping

Excellent choice as secondary weatherstipping or for use on doors that do not currently have weatherstripping, commercial or residential applications.

Additional parts and products are available by viewing Door Surgeon's catalogue and discussing your needs with Door Surgeon Stony Plain's sales and service centre parts personnel.

Call or visit one of Door Surgeon's conveniently located parts warehouses for help with your door handle, deadbolt, panic bar, door closer and door hardware part needs.


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