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Therma Series

Commercial / Industrial Insulated Overhead Doors

Cost Effective

Designed to provide cost effective Edmonton over head door solutions. Effective in commercial door renovation and new construction applications.

Long Term Insulation

Roll formed hot dipped G40 galvanized steel. Door sections are sandwich construction and insulated with expanded polystyrene. Sections are thermally broken and have a thermal barrier joint seal between door sections. Compressible loop-type PVC bottom weather seal secured with extruded aluminum retainer extending the full width of the door. Door widths are available up to 24'2". Door heights are available up to 16' in 3" increments using 21" and 24" section heights.


Window Options

All windows are standard with 1/8" clear annealed single pane glass. Optional single pane tempered, textured, coloured and insulated glass.

(A) Aluminum Full View Sections

(Mill Finish Std. Anodized & Painted Finish Optional)
Note: Full-View sections not available on Model 650

(B) Vision Lite

* 33,1/4"W x 14,1/4"H

(C) Standard Lite

* 17,1/4"W x 11,1/4"H

(D) Security Lite

* 18,3/4"W x 5,1/2"H

* Visible viewing area through the windows


Our time proven sandwich construction method creates a very rigid door and forms a natural thermal-break for additional energy efficiency.

Tongue & Groove weather joint
with Thermal Break.

Energy efficient thermal barrier
joint seal on 2" & 3" thick doors.

Flexible PVC Weather Seal with
Adjustable Aluminum Retainer.


Exterior commercial door face will receive a four-coat protections system. This shall consist of:

Garage Door Spring Assembly

The spring counterbalance assembly consists of:


Assembled commercial doors with specified hardware meet or exceed the wind load standards established under ANSI/DASMA specification 102-2004. All hardware components are hot-dipped galvanized with the exception of rollers. All components meet ASTM A526 standards.

Commercial Door Track Assembly

Tracks are commercial quality steel, standard as per ASTM A-526, G60 galvanized, 2" or 3" in size and 16 gauge to 12 gauge depending on the door size and weight. The vertical tracks shall be graduated and provide and adjustable wedge-type closing action. The gorizontal track will be reinforced with angle of adequate length and gauge to help prevent deflection. Additional bracing shall be provided by the installer to prevent deflection and establish a rigid installation.


High Cycle and Extended Life Applications.

Standard Lift

High Lift

Vertical Lift

Low Headroom Lift

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