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Residential Garage Doors

Beautiful & Functional Garage Doors

Your garage door is typically one of the most prominent visual features on your home. However, your garage needs to be more than just attractive; it should complement your home with beauty and functionality. Our Therma Tech garage doors do exactly that.

Our sandwich construction method uses two layers of high quality steel ad a solid EPS (expanded polystyrene) core that forms a true Thermal Break; a barrier of protection from the weather outside plus additional security for your home.


The simple elegance of our Contemporary styled door is well suited for many homes. Its paintable surface features a smooth woodgrain embossed face. Its sleek design can be complemented with one of twelve optional window styles.


The Traditional panel is Northwest Door's most popular panel design. The small door panels add detail and charm to the face of your home and work well with most architectural styles. Features wood grain embossed 20" x 14" raised panels.


The Ranch panels are large, bold and impressive. The long, narrow design of the panels add length to the appearance of your home. Features woodgrain embossed 42" x 14" raised panels.


The Carriage panels offer a unique and stylish appearance to your home. Three optional decorative hardware kits can also be added to enhance the look and charm of swing type doors. Features woodgrain embossed 19" x 15" recessed carriage panels.

Standard Panel Configurations

Door Width Panels
Traditional Ranch Carriage
8', 9' 4 2 4
10' 5 2 4
12' 6 3 6
14' 7 3 6
16' 8 4 8
18' 9 4 8

Dual Window

Available for Contemporary, Ranch and Carriage Panels



Arched Stockbridge










Quad Window

Available for Traditional Panels











Glass Options

Windows are available on all garage door models. Clear double strength annealed glass is standard. Insulated, tempered, tinted and other specialty glass types are available to suit your particular needs.

Clear (Standard)

Satin Etch


Grey Tinted

Tested Tough

Every door is finished with a factory applied, baked-on, two coat polyester paint finish, giving years of maintenance free operation.





Note: The accuracy of the colours displayed may vary depending on the settings of your monitor. To obtain an exact colour reference, please contact Door Surgeon at 780-448-9498 for colour samples.

Proven Performance

Therma Tech, Therma Tech II, Therma Max and Tri Tech are built using Northwest Door's time proven sandwich-type construction. This method of construction has proven itself to be superior over the past twenty years on hundreds of thousands of Northwest Doors in homes across Canada and the US.

Therma Tech

1, 1/2" Thick EPS
R Value: 9

Therma Tech II

2" Thick EPS
R Value: 10.4

Therma Max

2" Thick High Density EPS
R Value: 12

Tri Tech

3" Thick High Density EPS
R Value: 16

Interior and exterior galvanized prepainted steel skins are pressure laminated to a CFC-free expanded polystrene (EPS) core. This forms a true and natural Thermal Break. This construction is also both fire and smoke rated. 2" and 3" thick models also have a flexible joint seal running the full width of the doors.

The result is an extremely strong and beautiful maintenance-free garage door with outstanding insulating and sound deadening qualities.

Tongue & Groove weather joint
w/ Thermal Break

Energy efficient thermal barrier
joint seal on 2" & 3" thick doors.

Adjustable retainer astragal

No CFC's or HFC's

This product contains no ozone damaging Chloroflourocarbon or Hydrochloroflourocarbon present in some urethane foam products.

Standard Hardware Package

Doors are equipped with a standard lift track and torsion spring counterbalance system, which has a minimum cycle life of 10,000 cycles. All on-door operational hardware is glavanized and secured to door sections with zinc plated fasteners. Doors are also standard equipped with an adjustable retainer astragal (weather stripping) on the bottom of the door. Operation is manual push-up, although optional electric operation is recommended.

Hardware Options

High Lift Hardware, Low Head Room Hardware, Extended Life / High Cycle Springs and Powder Coated Track / Hardware.

The Flush comes in standard heights of 6' through 18', with the standard headroom requirement of 12", however low headroom kits are available for special applications.
For 18' wide doors, the maximum height is 8'.

Height 21" panels 24" panels Total Panels
6' - 3 3
7' 4 - 4
7' 3" 3 1 4
7' 6" 2 2 4
7' 9" 1 3 4
8' - 4 4
8' 9" 5 - 5
9' 4 1 5
9' 3" 3 2 5
9' 6" 2 3 5
9' 9" 1 4 5
10' - 5 5
Hardware Clearance Type Head Room Side Room
Standard Lift 12" 3, 1/2"
Low Clearance 3, 1/2" 4, 1/2"

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