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Door Surgeon Garage Door Repair Service Mobile Edmonton

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Our friendly Edmonton, knowledgable dispatcher will book your garage door repair service mobile appointment.

Our friendly Edmonton, knowledgable dispatcher will book your garage door repair service mobile appointment.

Your professional Edmonton mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Your professional Edmonton mobile technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Professional Edmonton garage door repair service mobile installations and quality hardware.

Professional Edmonton garage door repair service mobile installations and quality hardware.

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Garage Door Repair Service Mobile Edmonton

Fast, on-site garage door repair service mobile Edmonton, repair, fix, adjust or replacement of garage doors.

Door Surgeon mobile service truck and technician Edmonton

Door Surgeon Mobile Garage Door Repair, garage door fixing or adjusting garage doors in Edmonton.

Door Surgeon's Edmonton professional garage door repair service is available to come to your home garage door, apartment or business garage door repair, fix or adjustment needs. Edmonton Garage door repair service can fix or adjust your garage door day or night. Door Surgeon garage door repair service mobile Edmonton trucks stock a wide variety of parts in order to complete the repair, adjustment or replacement of garage door components usually on the first visit. If you have a garage door with a vehicle trapped inside, Door Surgeon's mobile garage door repair service can fix or adjust your garage door to allow your vehicle to be removed safely. Garage door springs, Garage door rollers, Garage door hinges, Garage door cables, Garage door drums and Garage door remote controls can all be repaired, fixed, adjusted or replaced. Door Surgeon's garage door service has professionally trained garage door repair handymen are here to help.

If you wish to book a Garage door repair service appointment, or have any questions about garage door repair, service or garage door replacement, feel free to call our garage door repair service centre in Edmonton at 780-448-9498.

Home Garage Door Repair, Fix, Adjust or Replacement

Mobile garage door repair fix and adjust Edmonton. Garage door maintenance for home or business.

Safe, professional mobile garage door repair and garage door maintenance in Edmonton

Door Surgeon's trained, professional mobile garage door serivce repair maintenance man will come to your home and make the garage door repairs, service, adjustments and replacement of garage door parts to make your garage door operate safely. Garage door repair service maintenance can be performed on a regular schedule to avoid injury or accidents from faulty garage door operations.

Let Edmonton Door Surgeon Complete A Home Garage Door Repair Before It's Too Late

Door Surgeon repairs broken and damaged residential garage doors Edmonton.

Door Surgeon, tested tough garage doors and hardware repair, fix and adjustments

In rain, snow, day or night, Door Surgeon are the folks to call. Door Surgeon bring service trucks right to your site garage doors big or small. Door Surgeon gets you working mighty fine. Door Surgeon door hardware built to last. Roll'em up roll'em down promise Door Surgeon will be there. Sales and service from the folks who care. Door Surgeon Tested Tough Garage Door repair and Hardware Edmonton.

Mobile Garage Door Repair, Service & Garage Door Replacement in Edmonton

Door Surgeon mobile garage door repair or replacement Edmonton.

Mobile garage door repair service Edmonton mobile fast, at home or commercial service

Call Door Surgeon's mobile garage door repair service dispatcher before it's too late. Door Surgeon's garage door job coordinator will book an appointment for you that will match the day and time that will be available to best make garage door repairs and garage door adjustments. If your garage door repair is needed in an emergency then Door Surgeon's garage door repair job coordinator will do their best to have a garage door repair serviceman come to adjust or repair your garage door as soon as possible. Door Surgeon's garage door servicemen have been trained to make garage door repairs to wood garage doors, repair steel garage doors and repair insulated garage doors, single or double car garage doors, old or new. Big or small Door Surgeon's mobile garage door repair service can do it all.

Mobile garage door service repair and garage door replacement

TESTED TOUGH GARAGE DOORS AND HARDWARE EDMONTON: Commercial and home garage door spring repair, garage door hinge repair, garage door rollers repaired. Garage door cables replaced & garage door drums repaired. Garage door remotes replaced, garage door weatherstrip replaced and garage door openers repaired. Door Surgeon's mobile garage door service trucks stock common garage door parts.

IN RAIN OR SNOW: regardless of weather Door Surgeon's mobile garage door service will come to repair residential and commercial broken garage doors.

DOOR SURGEON BRINGS MOBILE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR TRUCKS: right to your home or business to fix, adjust and repair garage doors big or small.

DOOR SURGEON: gets garage doors working fast with garage door hardware and garage door repairs made to last.

ROLL'EM UP OR ROLL'EM DOWN: Door Surgeon can be there.

For garage door sales and service and garage door parts its got to be Door Surgeon's mobile garage door repair service.

Door Surgeon provides garage door hardware repair

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Door Surgeon Mobile Garage Door Repair Service in Edmonton Mobile:

Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton, Southeast Edmonton, Southwest Edmonton, Millwoods, Terwillegar, Jasper Place, Claireview, Bonnie Doon, Strathcona, Glastonbury, Eaux Claires, Balwin, Pembina, Beverly, Ottwell, Pleasantview, Summerside, Windermere and others.

Also providing garage door repair to surrounding areas of Edmonton:

Sturgeon County, Strathcona County, Leduc County, Parkland County

Door Surgeon Garage Door Repair Fix & Adjust Centre Shop Location:

Service Centre: 17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Store Location Directions:

We are located North of 100 Avenue, south of the Yellowhead Freeway, west of 142th Street, east of the Anthony Henday, on the northwest corner of 118 ave. and 178 st. @ 17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3 - We are easy to find by driving on 118 ave to the corner of 178 St & 118 Ave.

17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Door Surgeon main Edmonton location photo.

17812 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Garage Door Repair Service Truck & Garage Door Serviceman

Door Surgeon mobile service vehicle with technician Edmonton.

Mobile garage door service trucks are stocked with a large variety of common garage door parts to repair home garage doors or commercial garage doors often in our first visit. Garage door servicemen complete a number of months job-shadowing a senior garage door repair serviceman as well as viewing multiple garage door repair training videos and completing extensive written garage door training information. Our mobile garage door serviceman can be instantly in touch with a senior technician through the use of cellphone communication. Once working independently as a garage door repair serviceman the technician is provided with all the appropriate tools to carry out complete garage door repair services, often without the need of additional trips.

Video transcript of basic garage door repair service information - matches below full video clip

Garage doors, like everything in your home need to be maintained every now and then. Theres a lot of moving, sliding and stretching parts here, working in symphony, with tight tolerances, high tensions and electricity. They need occasional tweaking and maintenance or else... or else what? Your garage door won't open? So what? We count on things to run smoothly and we count on our vehicle, we count on our appliances, we count on our heating and air conditioning, and we count on our garage door systems. If your garage door doesn't work and your car is stuck inside then you can't make an appointment, can't make it to work, can't get the kids to school, then it's an emergency.

In those rare situations when you are unable to get your door to open electrically there is a way to get your garage door to release by hand. Usually you will have a release cord hanging down from your system that releases the garage door from the electric garage door opener, let go of your cord, reach down and lift the door by hand.

The stored energy in the spring counter-balance system combined with the weight of the garage door will be very unforgiving if not approached with the proper tools and knowledge. One thing that we do see frequently when a home owner tries to work on these systems on their own, they do get injured, and we know it because the blood trail starts here and trickles on into the house. So what looks very innocent when the door is closed is actually an extremely dangerous portion of the garage door. Anywhere up in here where the spring mounts together with it's mounting plate or on the other end where you apply the actually tension too, both of those areas are very dangerous, so to let you know about those we apply these caution tags or warning tags to let you know you to stay clear it can hurt.

Garage Doors and Children

- Children need to be taught to keep their fingers away from section joints and their hands away from the door. They need to know not to play under or near a garage door, also that the transmitters in the car or the buttons on the wall are not to be touched, not to be played with. In general what you want to teach your children is that the garage door is not a toy.

In 1993 there was a change to the garage door opener industry and a requirement to have a photo electric sensor installed with all garage door openers. If you've ever had a problem with a garage door closing it could just be the photo sensor. These brackets can easily be out of alignment and adjusted by hand and an easy adjustment by hand may be all you need to get your garage door working again and save you the cost of having someone come out and look at it.

Another little tip for garage door openers, the manufacturers provide for up to 100 watts of lighting capacity, why not put in a 40 to 60 watt appliance grade light bulb save a little energy and it will light up the garage just as well.

For those of you that have an older garage door where the springs stretch vertically or horizontally along the side a very important thing to have is a safety retention cable within the coils of the spring, when these springs break, and the will a lot of damage can occur. We've seen them embedded in the front walls of your house, pushed up in to the attics of your garage and even having done a lot of damage to your cars. So it's a very important thing to have a professional door dealer taking care of is to ensure these safety retention cables are secure and properly installed.

One of the most common concerns that people have is that the garage door is getting noisy, and some of this stuff you can take care of yourself. Some of this stuff you can take care of easily yourself, and just with a regular aerosol can of lubricant we recommend about every 6 months or so to go through and spray the rollers and the hinge points, that in itself can reduce a lot of the noise that may develop and is something that you can easily do yourself.

Garage Door Tips and Concerns - 5 min


Sometimes Things Happen

No one likes it when things go wrong, no one more than us, but if it does check out our Warranty

If it's garage door repair, it's got to be Door Surgeon's mobile garage door repair

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