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Door Surgeon Locksmith Lock Rekey Master Key

Locksmith Lock Rekey & Master Key for:
residential, home, apartment, condominium, business, office, warehouse, storefront and commercial buildings

Rekeying your locks is a quick cost effective way of making it so your old keys do not work and the new keys we provide to you do work the lock. Door Surgeon's mobile locksmith lock rekey and master key technicians come to your home or place of business, remove your existing lock from the door, remove the old lock pins (old lock combination), inspect your driver pins and springs, install new pins set to a new pinning series, lubricate the internal components, install the lock back on your door and test it to make sure the locking handle or deadbolt works correctly. While Door Surgeon's mobile locksmith lock rekey and master key servicemen are on site, they can provide you with as many additional keys. Door Surgeon Locksmith Lock Rekey Master Keys.

Mobile Lock Rekey & Master Key service trucks

Door Surgeon's team of mobile lock rekey and master key locksmiths can build a master key system for your home, apartment, condominium complex, commercial business, warehouse or office building. Master key systems can be generated and stored in a secure safe at Door Surgeons shop.

The master key system will detail what the hiearchy has been decided on the key system so that locks that have been master keyed will only work with the specific room key and the grand-master or sub-master has been decided by the master key system and business or home owner. Master key systems are typically used for large complex's that need to restrict access to certain areas or doors to specific individuals such as: tenants or maintenance personnel, sales office or managament office, or even possibly a warehouse parts room. Door Surgeon's lock master key team will work with you to determine what works best for your complex and then implement the decisions made in order that you may rest assured that there is no crossover in keys and only the specific keys in the system will work those specific areas.

Door Surgeon's mobile rekey and master key servicemen can also rekey all your locks so previous owners or tenants no longer have access to your locks.

Lock rekeys & Master Key Systems for home and commercial use

Key alike rekey doors Door Surgeon can rekey your locks replace hardware handles and deadbolts.

Key alike or rekey, Door Surgeon can rekey your locks, remove hardware, handle and deadbolt from your door. Door Surgeon can then rekey the hardware and reinstall.

Precision tools are used to create a new key that will now operate the new lock. New keys are created and the lock pins have been changed, old keys no longer work.

Deadbolts and handles are now reinstalled and new keys are presented to the customer.

Locks can be keyed alike or keyed separate or in groups as needed. One key for all doors, different keyed groups or key management key systems. A grand master key can be made that will operate all doors, then a sub-master key can be made that will operate groups of door locks or doors in a variety of areas in your building, and finally, individual keys can be made to operate individual locks on individual doors.

Regain key control by rekeying your locks

Variety of key styles such as Weiser, Qwickset, Schlage, Y1, and other common keys.

Your locks may need to be rekeyed to regain control of your key system. Often, past tenants, home owners and business operators may have lost keys or given them to a neighbour, dog walker, contractor or past employee. Your security and the security of your building may depend on your ability to maintain a secure key system.

It is wise to have Door Surgeon's mobile locksmith rekey or master key your building with a new, secure key system. If you need a lock rekey, key copy or master key, it's time to get Door Surgeon's locksmith rekey and master key service working for you.

How long will it take for Door Surgeon's home and commercial Locksmith to rekey locks?

The average residence can have all its door locks rekeyed in about an hour or two. For commercial businesses to have their door locks rekeyed it greatly depends on how many locks there are, how large the building is and if it needs to be master keyed. Door Surgeon's mobile lock rekey and master key servicemen can rekey your handles or deadbolts. Door Surgeon's Locksmith can rekey small projects such as homes and individual offices or apartments suites or Door Surgeon can rekey entire hotels, motels, apartment buildings and large building complexes.

Master Key Systems help control key use

Master keys allow access to all the locks that have been keyed to the master key system. Door Surgeon's mobile master key serviceman can build a master key system and store the master key system in their Edm or Cal master key management and storage office. Master key systems allow apartment managers, realestate managers, property managers and large commercial properties to control keyed access to their facilities.

Grand master key can open all locks, sub-master key can open groups of locks in a variety of areas.

Master key, Sub-Master key & Unit Key

Master keys give management or owners access to door locks with just one key. Master key systems restrict area use by breaking up a building into several areas that sub master keys work and unit keys work. Unit keys are distributed to tenants or staff that require key access to individual areas or offices, while sub master keys are given to managers and some maintenance personnel with the master key being held by owners or top staff.

Commercial buildings require key control to manage keys Door Surgeon locksmiths are here to help you

Master keys allow access to all the locks that have been keyed to the master key system. Door Surgeon's master key servicemen can build a master key system. Master key systems allow business and property managers to control access to their facilities.

Door Surgeon's Locksmiths can build your key system for home or business Applications

Whether you are organizing access to designated ares in an office building, or reinforcing security on your home, Door Surgeon's Master Key Systems can easily accomodate many different applications.

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