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Window Bars Expandable Window & Door Security Gates Door Surgeon

Window Bars standard & Custom sizes Expandable Window & Door Security Gates

Door Surgeon can supply and install window bars on your home or business. Door Surgeon can supply a variety of adjustable expandable window bars & door security gates, hinged window bars, custom made window bars, window security grills and steel security window bars. Window bars and security bars can be supplied and installed in standard stock window bar sizes or custom built window bars to meet your home window or business security needs.

Window Bar & Security Bar Installation Service

Door Surgeon's mobile window bar installer can come to your home, business or warehouse to measure and install window bars or expandable window and door security gates to meet your glass security needs. Door Surgeon's window bar and window security gate sales centre can provide window bars samples and arrange for the measurment and appropriate fit of your new window security bars.

Window bar & expandable gate service technician with mobile service truck.

Sample photos of: Residential Window Bars installed & security bars for commercial windows.

Residential and commercial custom made window bars for glass window application.
Window bars and security bars in standard sizes or custom built window bars. Custom sized and professionally installed window bars for home window protection.

Sample photos of: Expandable window and door security Gates

Expandable Security Gates for protecting storefronts and office building entrances.

Custom sized expandable window and door security gates

Door Surgeon's mobile window bar & door security gate installation serviceman can visit your storefront, office, warehouse and measure your window openings and provide custom sized expandable window security gates that can be pulled closed at night and opened during the day. This expandable window gate is a great choice for storefront doors, storefront glass and residential patio doors.

Expandable Security Gates protect your warehouse doors and large glass window areas

Stop Glass Break Attacks - ask about window & door security options

Expandable Security Gates keep your business safe.

Door Surgeon can supply and install full length door edge blockers, storefront window bars, storefront lock guards, storefront door edge repair reinforcements and attack blockers.

Expandable Security Gates protect your business or building from forced entry break-ins.

Window Bars are available in a variety of stock sizes as per listed below, Door Surgeon's window bar installer can assist in selecting the correct size to meet your window security bar needs.

Window Bars-Window Bars-Extendable Window Security Bar-Hinged-Removable and Push Lock

- Window Bars are Powder coated for durability.
- Window bar construction 3/4" X 3/4" X 0.04" square tubing.
- White finish.
- Gap between window bars is 4 1/4".
- All window bars supplied with push button locks all KA.
- LSE23316 -                        16" - 26"                        11" - 3 bar.
- LSE23325 -                        25" - 45"                        11" - 3 bar.
- LSE23342 -                        42" - 78"                        11" - 3 bar.
- LSE23416 -                        16" - 26"                        16" - 4 bar.
- LSE23425 -                        25" - 45"                        16" - 4 bar.
- LSE23442 -                        42" - 78"                        16" - 4 bar.
- LSE23525 -                        25" - 45"                        21" - 5 bar.
- LSE23542 -                        42" - 78"                        21" - 5 bar.
- LSE23625 -                        25" - 45"                        26" - 6 bar.
- LSE23642 -                        42" - 78"                        26" - 6 bar.

Door Security Gates: Expandable Window and Door Security Gates Stock Sizes

Window Bars-Heavy Duty WIndow Security-Folding Gates-Regular Security Folding Gates

- Slam lock with 100% steel chamber covered.
- Cylinder hook lock on both sides.
- 76" Locking post with shoot bolt.
- 96" Locking post with shoot bolt.
- Cylinder hook lock with built in shoot bolt.

Expandable Gate Installation Parts & Accessories

Window Bars-Folding Gates-Installation Parts and Accessories

Regular Castor - Hard nylon flat wheel, bearing.
Ball Castor - Hard ball wheel, bearing.
Rubber Castor - Silent rubber wheel, double bearing.
Hanging Castor Set - No description.
Crowder Track - Use with hanging Castor.
60" Post - 60" height.
79" Post - 79" Height.
98" Post - 98" Height - 12" I-Joining Tube.

- 144" x 8".
- Plate Bracket.
- T-Bracket.
- Deep T-Bracket.
- U-Bracket.
- Deep U-Bracket.
- Steel Handle.
- 4" Feet.
- 16" Feet.
- 4" straight double feet.
- 4" angle double feet.

Folding Gates Installation Parts & Accessories Continued: Expandable Security Gates

Window Bars-Folding Gate-Installation Parts and Accessories-Heavy Duty Window Security

- 3" Stand - off.
- 6" Stand - Off.
- 6" L-joing tube.
- 6" T-tube.
- 6" Y-joining tube.
- Hinge.
- L-hinge.
- Trolley.
- Long shoot bolt.
- Shoot bolt.
- Shoot bolt Socket (long).
- Plastic end cap (1/2"sq).
- Plastic end cap (Use with post 1 1/2"sq).
- Carry out sample kit.
- 1-3/4" bottom track - 144" Aluminum alloy.
- Thumb turn.
- Pad Lock.
- 2.8" Middle support.
- 4.3" Middle support.
- 1.8" H-Bracket.

Fixed Window Bars - Storefront Fixed Window Bars Custom Cut to Size for Required Installation

Window Bars-Window Bars-Fixed Window Bar-Heavy Duty Window Security

- 34" x 34"
- 34" x 39"
- 48" x 60"
- 48" x 72"
- 60" x 72"
- 77" x 72"
Installation / Connection Parts of Fixed Window Bar:
- U-Bracket - Use for inside window frame depth less than 1".
- L-foot stand - for inside window frame with depth of more than 1".
- L-foot stand/Offset foot stand - for surface mounting.
- Sleeve Connector - to connect two window bars together.

Window Bars Sample Photos of Door Edge Security Products Storefront Expandable Window and Door Security Gates Home Expandable Window Bars

Window Bars, Fixed Window Bars, Door Window Bars and Expandable Gates

- Standard and custom sizes window bars.
- Door edge interlock sercurity.
- Door edge repairs.
- Reinforcements and door edge attack blockers.
- Fixed window bars can be folded into small long packages for shipping and expanded to fit window upon arrival.
- Expandable residential window bars can stretch in width to the window size you need.
- Folding security gates available in a variety of stock sizes.

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